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Attention Small-Shop Woodworkers

How To Get Ahead

Be done with those “woodworking gurus” that over-complicate the woodworking process. Stop chasing the art of perfection required only of professors of woodworking.

You don’t need any of that to build awesome woodworking projects!

How To Get Ahead
So what's this kind of woodworking like?
And Learn To Do Without
The Simple Facts

I have children, a wife, a full time job, and a home. What does that mean? Lot’s of projects queued up, not much spare time!!! So I figured out how to make things quicker, smoother, and still turn out absolutely beautiful.

My name’s Adam,
and I can help you be a better woodworker!

Even with your own limitations, you can
Absolutely be an Amazing Woodworker!

My main wood shop work bench
Loose tenons dry fit into apron - Copyright 2020

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