Vertical Cut Auxiliary Fence Demonstration

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Table Saw Sled Plans

  • Complete with cutting list and cutting diagram to reduce scrap
  • Plan includes 45 degree Miter Attachment
  • Small-Piece Hold-Down Clamp
  • Stop-Block with built-in Ruler System
  • Track System – Create your own attachments and accessories from anything you can dream up!
table saw sled
Table Saw Exploded View

Dovetail Attachment Plans

  • Fits your new table saw sled.
  • Complete with instructions on how to build, and walks you through using the attachment to create beautiful dovetail joinery, step-by-step.
Dovetail jig - cutting tail board
Dovetailer - pin board jig
Illustrating using dovetail jig 1
Illustrating using dovetail jig 2
Dovetail box cut and dry fit together

Picture Frame Clamping Jig Plans

Create beautiful mitered picture frames and glue them up in 1 step.

Picture frame clamping jig
frame jig plans

Vertical Cut Auxiliary Fence Plans

  • Slides along your table saw fence
  • Supports boards vertically
  • Supports cutting Notches
  • Tenons
  • Edge-grooves
  • Tongues
  • Even Raised Panel Doors
Auxiliary Fence

Drill Press Station Plans

Drill Press Station
Drill Press Station table of contents
Drill press station diagram

Wood-Shaving Jig Plans

  • Clamps to your work bench
  • Uses a planing blade
  • Can be used to fine-tune the width of thin stock
  • Great for initially tuning hardwood runners
  • Great for trimming away excess on inlay strips
  • Can trim away less than 5 thousandths of an inch, a difficult task with a table saw

Work Bench Plans

  • Complete step by step instructions
  • Shopping list, cutting list and cutting diagrams
  • Custom-designed wooden drawer pulls
  • Hardwood drawer slides
  • Replaceable plywood work-top
  • Quick-clamp hanger built in
Work Bench

page 8 of 14:

Work Bench exploded

Drawer Pull Install Jig Plans

  • Build for less than half of what you’ll pay for this jig from woodworking stores
Drawer pull jig
  • Works with drawer knobs, and all industry-standard drawer pull sizes

Router-Mortising Jig Plans

  • Clamps to your work bench
  • Uses your router with a plunge base
  • Easily create repeating mortises in any stock
  • Supports vertically so you can create end-grain mortises for loose-tenon joinery
router mortising jig
Mortising jig duplicating
Router mortiser for loose tenon
mortising jig table of contents

Thin Rip Push Block Plans

  • Safely make thin-rip cuts, repeatable and quick.
  • No need to adjust fence between each cut like with other jigs
  • Adjustable height to support cutting thin and thick stock
  • Perfect for making runners, thin panels, inlay, and more!
thin rip push block

Taper and Jointer Sled Plans

  • Great for putting a straight edge on rough-cut stock
  • Great for squaring up small panels, cabinet doors, and drawer faces
  • Make repeatable, identical tapers for furniture legs, or anything else
  • Custom (and removeable) handle, tapering guide, and hold-down clamps
  • Supports thick stock easily
Taper and Jointer table saw sled
Taper Sled
Jointer Sled

Router Table Plans

  • Fits standard sized routers and trim routers
  • Designed to fit commercially available feather boards
  • Dust collection built in
  • Plenty storage and hanging space on the sides for collets, wrench, push sticks, bits, and more.
  • Large base makes it stable, and easy to clamp to your work bench.
  • Simple design makes it easier to customize, and lightweight so you can store it to the side when you don’t need it.

Moxon Vise Plans

  • Plywood, glue, and pocket screw construction
  • Quick release design, easily push or pull the sliding jaw to position before tightening. 
  • Creates an elevated work surface, great for detail work and dovetailing. 
  • Hangs on your wall for easy storage when not in use.
  • Uses regular pipe clamp assemblies, which is much cheaper than specialty woodworking vise hardware.
  • Works fine with 3/4″ or 1/2″ pipes and pipe clamps. 
  • Oversized work top behind the vise, includes holes for bench dogs.

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