Taper and Jointer Sled

So I’ve designed and built this handy little taper sled, and I made it so you can use it for jointing one edge, or putting nice straight-edge on pretty much anything.

This version is much lighter and easier to set up than my last sled, which was not my design. I used it for years, and I wanted to make something less bulky for my small wood shop.

So check out this video, maybe you’ll get some ideas on how you can use or improve your taper sled.

You’ll get complete plans and instructions for use when you join Wood Shop Essentials. Plus you’ll get everything listed below:

Wood Shop Essentials

Here's what's inside...

Table Saw Sled Plans

  • Complete with cutting list and cutting diagram to reduce scrap
  • Plan includes 45 degree Miter Attachment
  • Small-Piece Hold-Down Clamp
  • Stop-Block with built-in Ruler System
  • Track System – Create your own attachments and accessories from anything you can dream up!
table saw sled
Table Saw Exploded View

Dovetail Attachment Plans

  • Fits your new table saw sled.
  • Complete with instructions on how to build, and walks you through using the attachment to create beautiful dovetail joinery, step-by-step.
Dovetail jig - cutting tail board
Dovetailer - pin board jig
Illustrating using dovetail jig 1
Illustrating using dovetail jig 2
Dovetail box cut and dry fit together

Picture Frame Clamping Jig Plans

Create beautiful mitered picture frames and glue them up in 1 step.

Picture frame clamping jig
frame jig plans

Vertical Cut Auxiliary Fence Plans

  • Slides along your table saw fence
  • Supports boards vertically
  • Supports cutting Notches
  • Tenons
  • Edge-grooves
  • Tongues
  • Even Raised Panel Doors
Auxiliary Fence

Drill Press Station Plans

Drill Press Station
Drill Press Station table of contents
Drill press station diagram

Wood-Shaving Jig Plans

  • Clamps to your work bench
  • Uses a planing blade
  • Can be used to fine-tune the width of thin stock
  • Great for initially tuning hardwood runners
  • Great for trimming away excess on inlay strips
  • Can trim away less than 5 thousandths of an inch, a difficult task with a table saw

Work Bench Plans

  • Complete step by step instructions
  • Shopping list, cutting list and cutting diagrams
  • Custom-designed wooden drawer pulls
  • Hardwood drawer slides
  • Replaceable plywood work-top
  • Quick-clamp hanger built in
Work Bench

page 8 of 14:

Work Bench exploded

Drawer Pull Install Jig Plans

  • Build for less than half of what you’ll pay for this jig from woodworking stores
Drawer pull jig
  • Works with drawer knobs, and all industry-standard drawer pull sizes

Router-Mortising Jig Plans

  • Clamps to your work bench
  • Uses your router with a plunge base
  • Easily create repeating mortises in any stock
  • Supports vertically so you can create end-grain mortises for loose-tenon joinery
router mortising jig
Mortising jig duplicating
Router mortiser for loose tenon
mortising jig table of contents

Thin Rip Push Block Plans

  • Safely make thin-rip cuts, repeatable and quick.
  • No need to adjust fence between each cut like with other jigs
  • Adjustable height to support cutting thin and thick stock
  • Perfect for making runners, thin panels, inlay, and more!
thin rip push block

Taper and Jointer Sled Plans

  • Great for putting a straight edge on rough-cut stock
  • Great for squaring up small panels, cabinet doors, and drawer faces
  • Make repeatable, identical tapers for furniture legs, or anything else
  • Custom (and removeable) handle, tapering guide, and hold-down clamps
  • Supports thick stock easily
Taper and Jointer table saw sled
Taper Sled
Jointer Sled

Router Table Plans

  • Fits standard sized routers and trim routers
  • Designed to fit commercially available feather boards
  • Dust collection built in
  • Plenty storage and hanging space on the sides for collets, wrench, push sticks, bits, and more.
  • Large base makes it stable, and easy to clamp to your work bench.
  • Simple design makes it easier to customize, and lightweight so you can store it to the side when you don’t need it.

Moxon Vise Plans

  • Plywood, glue, and pocket screw construction
  • Quick release design, easily push or pull the sliding jaw to position before tightening. 
  • Creates an elevated work surface, great for detail work and dovetailing. 
  • Hangs on your wall for easy storage when not in use.
  • Uses regular pipe clamp assemblies, which is much cheaper than specialty woodworking vise hardware.
  • Works fine with 3/4″ or 1/2″ pipes and pipe clamps. 
  • Oversized work top behind the vise, includes holes for bench dogs.

Table Saw Outfeed Table

  • Slick top surface perfect for outfeed
  • Extended miter slots so it works with your table saw sleds
  • Easily custom size this table to fit your saw, and your shop
  • Doubles as a sturdy assembly table
  • Lower shelf for extra storage
  • Adjustable feet so you can easily make it the perfect height

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