Sell Your Work – Get Your Side Hustle On (part 1)

Learn To Sell Your Wood Crafts

Get Your Side Hustle On (part 1)

So you wanna make money selling your work? That’s actually a great move. 

Why? Because “The market for woodworkers is HUGE right now!”

“It’s a real, and profitable opportunity for anyone with some basic woodworking tools – and because of the current trends, it doesn’t take a woodworking master to create projects that are in high demand.”

But more on that in a minute.

Starting your woodworking business, even if initially it’s just a small, part-time operation, still requires a few key steps.

One of which is you need to get set up to take payments. This however, is a subject for later.

The most important (and the most exciting) step is to set up for selling your work online.

Let me explain why…

Today, online commerce (ecommerce) is hyper-simplified. In other words, they have made selling online so easy, literally anyone can do it.

You used to need a degree in computer programming. It used to require extensive HTML training. Those days are NO MORE!

There’s absolutely no reason any woodworker should limit their goods to their local markets.

We live in the age of digital marketing. This is because we’re part of a world-wide, web-based economy.

According to the US census data, there are somewhere around 82 MILLION single family homes sold a year.. 

That alone should present itself as massive opportunity. How many people buy new furniture and wall decor when they get a new home?

And what about people coming of age? New adults, fresh out of high school or college? 

Most of them are renting, but they still need furniture and they love wood crafts.

In 2000, there were OVER 4 MILLION births in the US alone. So that’s how many people we’ve got coming into adulthood right now…

And this goes on year after year!

That’s a new, hungry addition to the wooden furniture and craft market ALL THE TIME.

That means our potential customer reach is practically unlimited.

But regardless, I understand, that’s just not for everyone.

Maybe you really want to give your local market a shot. Maybe you want to start off slow and test the waters.

I still say go for it!

I think you’ll be absolutely thrilled with the market potential!

And if you do things right, then at the very least you’ll get to have an enjoyable hobby that pays for itself.

And even still, likely one day you’ll bring in extra cash on a regular basis.

Pretty cool right?

Here’s the bottom line…

People LOVE custom wood projects. They LOVE home-made wood decor and furniture.

It’s almost like a movement. Rustic, farmhouse, modern, industrial.. 

All these crazy-popular styles, and yet they are so easy to build!

And still, 99% of the population have no direct exposure to a person of your skill set.

That means you are a commodity!

You have the ability to provide real value to the lives of countless others.

And since the dawn of ecommerce and social media, people want custom and home-made wood crafts more than ever before!

Talk about potential!

Now, what exactly is it they want?  What amazing wood crafts are these people searching for?

Well, this is where it gets exciting…


1. There are a few business things you should take care of, like getting set up to take payments, I’ll get into that later.

2. There is a staggering number of online shoppers today, and you’d be crazy not to tap into that market.

3. Woodworking crafts are ALL THE CRAZE! It’s a Huge and Hungry movement.

4. Also coming up, how to sell your crafts with impressive profit margins on anything you sell.

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