Ryobi TS1345L

Ryobi 10" Compound Miter Saw

Ryobi TS1345L Ryobi TS1345L Review Highlights
  • 10" Compound Miter Saw
  • Low to mid price point
  • Great reviews on cutting quality
  • Super-Lightweight
  • Basic, easy to use, great for minimalist
  • Poor dust collection
  • Only single bevel
For the Professional Contractor 4 out of 5
For the Do-It-Yourselfer & Weekend Warrior 5 out of 5
For the Hobbyist and Beginner Woodworker 4 out of 5
For the Serious Woodworker 3 out of 5
Ryobi TS1345L Front
  • 10" blade, 5/8" arbor
  • 110 vac standard plugin
  • 14 amp motor
  • Bevels 0° to 45° to the left
  • MIters 0° to 47° to the left
  • MIters 0° to 47° to the right
  • Saw weight of 25 pounds
  • Blade speed is 5,000 rpm
  • Vertical nested cut capacity is 3-1/2"

The Ryobi TS1345L 10″Compound Miter Saw Summary

Do you like to tackle those fun weekend DIY projects around the house? Perhaps you are a professional that needs a quality tool that can produce a quality cut? I would suggest the Ryobi TS1345L miter saw.

No matter what your need is for a good quality, basic miter saw, the Ryobi TS1345L should fit the bill.

It’s a basic design that has stood the test of time. It miters, it bevels, and it does compound cuts (combining both).

Its got a nice blade guard for safety, easy to use miter and bevel adjustments, and hold down clamp, which actually seems like more of a ‘hold-back’ clamp, which I really like on this saw.

It comes mostly assembled right out of the box and includes a blade, blade change wrench, clamp, and a dust bag.

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Ryobi TS1345L – What’s to Like About It?

Cutting capabilities

This miter saw is not a sliding miter saw, which means it does not have the ability to cut the width of a 12″ board. But that’s not necessarily what everyone needs. This saw can handle vertical baseboard against the fence of a height of 3-1/2″ tall. It can cut crown molding up to 4-5/8″ wide, and it can crosscut through a 2×6 or a 4×4 piece of dimensional lumber.

With the built-in laser guide you can easily line up your cut, which is not necessarily a big seller for some, but I do like the laser guide. It just makes a cut quicker, and for me personally, my first miter cut is rarely my last. I’m a furniture builder, and when I crosscut, I tend to leave the board a bit long, to allow for snipe if I’m planing, or because I’m gluing up a panel and will make the final crosscut of the entire glued up piece on the table saw. This means the miter crosscut is done quickly and doesn’t even have to be perfect.

However, if you spend a little time making your laser perfectly lined up, and you know exactly how the blade falls to the laser, you can absolutely use this laser guide to set up your final cuts quickly.

It’s powerful enough to blast through lots of boards in a short setting. If you’ll be doing some DIY projects or any construction jobs, this is a great tool. You don’t necessarily need a high dollar saw for doing a lot of crosscutting for framing type of work. This saw is perfect for that kind of job.

Ryobi TS1345L Cutbed

Dust collection performance

As with many basic compound miter saws, the dust collection is lacking. The dust bag itself may not collect much of the dust your saw creates. Adding a shop vac or hooking to a central dust evacuation system can really improve the dust collection of this saw. If you’re really concerned about dust levels, I would either recommend getting a different saw or build a dust collection shroud around this miter saw.


The Ryobi TS1345L miter saw is a pretty lightweight saw. Its total weight in the box is only 25 lbs, which means it’s easy to carry around on the job site, and simple to store away in your garage.

It handles miter cuts and bevel cuts, so it can be used for multiple projects including crown molding, baseboards, door casings, window trim, finish work, and even custom picture frames. It’s great for basic crosscutting, so framers and beginner woodworkers take delight.

Who it’s made for

For a contractor who needs a miter saw that is lightweight and easy to carry around the job site, I think this model is great. It’s also simple to setup and easy to use, which improves the speed of making your cuts. For the professional, this is good because time is money.

For a DIY kind of consumer, this is a good saw due to its lightweight and low cost. You can easily move this saw around your house when renovating rooms, and stow it away in the garage when it’s not needed. And you can get one for a decent price, not super-cheap, but well below the cost a professional woodworker would be willing to spend.

I would not necessarily recommend for seasoned woodworkers and cabinet makers, as the precision is a bit lacking according to some user reviews. Plus the cutting capacity is limited due to the fact it’s not a sliding saw.

But if you’re a beginner woodworker, and we’ve all been there, this could be all you need in order to make some decent crosscuts and miter cuts for your next furniture project.

Ryobi TS1345L Review cutting

Opinions Based On Real User Experiences

Positive reviews

  • Many users find this to be a great low-cost saw that will last a long time
  • It’s very powerful and can cut stacks of 2x4s with ease
  • This is an awesome saw that is really lightweight, great for the occasional projects
  • Many users found a refurbished model on Amazon and saved a ton, and are still thrilled with the saw

Negative reviews

  • The laser is reportedly pretty dim and mostly disappears if you’re in direct sunlight.
  • Some users report the dust collection bag does a poor job of catching dust


People generally like this saw, as it has maintained a great average user review in the online market. The saw can handle framing work and basic trim work with ease. However it lacks a bit for larger crown molding, and it’s not quite precise enough and lacks the proper cutting capabilities for a woodworker, in my opinion.

Apparently, the laser light is lacking a bit, and because the light is battery powered, it can be a hassle to keep it shining.

I think the low weight of the saw appeals to many people, and the power is there so it’s really geared for those who don’t really need a stationary saw.

Is This Basic, Lightweight Miter Saw Worthy?

I believe this saw is geared mostly towards the weekend warrior DIY people out there, and also for the professional who does lots of framing and basic finish work.

The Ryobi TS1345L is an impressive little lightweight saw, that still packs a punch. I personally prefer something a bit larger, a bit heavier. But I’m a woodworker, and I don’t need to move my miter saw from job site to job site. I leave mine setup in place on my miter bench year round.

But for DIYers and professional framers, I think this saw is perfect. It’s so light and has very few moving parts (compared to a dual bevel sliding compound miter for example). For simplicities sake, I see this as a good thing, not a negative.

It’s priced for the basic end user who needs a functional crosscutting and basic miter / bevel cutting compound saw. It does the trick for DIY projects like adding on a room to your house or building some shelving.

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