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Here are links to products that I use when building my projects.  Some items you may find on other sites, but I typically use Amazon when possible, as it’s fast, easy, and usually priced right.

Many home stores and hardware stores have your basic bolts and wing nuts, but when building shop jigs and furniture, these stores are usually lacking.

DISCLAIMER – The links here are called affiliate links. By clicking on them and ultimately making purchases thru these links, I get a small percentage of that purchase from the website’s affiliate program. The price doesn’t change for you, whether you use these links or you don’t. If you prefer to not use my links, you don’t have to. But I really appreciate any support, and like I said, the price is the same regardless. Also please understand I really do use these items. I’m not just trying to push more sales. I use and personally vouch for everything listed here.

With that said, here’s my list of items as of September 2019. I can’t promise these are available in all countries, or that they’re all still being sold. I’ll update as I find better options, or if/when I find out something is no longer sold. And if you have any suggestions for items you think should be listed here, visit my contact page and let me know.

1/4″ UPCUT SPIRAL BIT (I use this when mortising)

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