Make Money Selling Wood Crafts & Furniture

I want to show you exactly how to profit (big-time) from your woodworking, by using my simple but very powerful business approach, which I’ll explain below

“By using my background in business, sales & marketing, and in woodworking, I’m closing the gap between the successful small-businesses of the world, and the home-based woodworker who desires to make money from what they create.” 

Let’s Me Ask You Something

Do you have basic woodworking tools and a work space?

Do you have (at least) a beginner knowledge of crafting wood projects? 

Do you have a desire to sell your work, and make good money doing it?

Let me lay out some ground work for you, so you can start to see the potential of the journey on which you’re about to embark.

It starts with an exciting and much-welcomed fact:

Woodworkers are FINALLY
getting PAID!

There is a movement going on. Right Now. All over the world.

I don’t know where it came from, or why it started. But it’s here and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. At all…

What is this movement? Why is woodworking Booming right now? 

People, from all over, all age groups, all backgrounds… They want custom-crafted and home-made wood furniture and crafts!

Even basic, beginner crafts and furniture are selling like crazy. 

While traditional furniture (some of the most difficult to create) will always be out there and loved by many…

The fact is, this movement is strongly favoring basic, simple, easy-to-build wood projects. Whether the consumer is looking for rustic, modern, sleek, or practical…

These are all very popular and trending styles. It’s the future of woodworking. 

That means the barrier to entry (as a creator and seller) is nothing more than initially a few tools, some beginner DIY experience, and a plan.

(You’ve got the tools and experience, let me show you the plan)

So what do we DO with this “Movement”

I’ll tell you what we do. We “Capitalize”. That means we have to appeal to a “Rabidly Hungry Market” full of buyers that Want Your wood crafts.

While it’s true, many times the consumer buys because the item serves a specific purpose for them.

But here’s a great marketing tip. This is something every successful marketer and salesperson understands.

“Facts Validate, Emotions Sell”

Appeal to the emotions of the buyer and you’ll get more customers, faster than ever before.

Here are 2 emotionally driven motivators that, as a woodworker, you can appeal to right now:

  1. Making the ones they love smile with a wonderful gift.

  2. Sharing (flaunting) their latest ‘home-upgrade’ on facebook.

Gift giving is something that makes you feel really good. Finding that perfect gift that makes the recipient smile is a wonderful thing, and it creates emotions that drives this behavior over and over again.

On the flip side (and #2 above), people LOVE showing off what they bought to their circle of friends and family. 

It gives them validation, a sense of pride, and can even make their friends slightly jealous. This creates a very positive and emotional attachment to making purchases like this.

These are 2 of the many reasons woodworking crafts sell like crazyThey appeal to very strong emotions of the purchaser!

With What Approach? What Method?

I have a very straightforward business approach. But as simple as it seems, don’t be fooled.

This is a very powerful method that most startups and small business owners fail to recognized and practice.

But this works across the board, in any industry, for businesses and part-time hobbyists alike. Anyone that wants an effective way to build a lasting profit stream should be using this approach. Here it is:

1. Find your prospects – Find out what exactly they want – Find out why they want it – Learn what makes them click ‘Buy Now’. This is done first with market research.

2. Develop a plan that builds loyal customers, the kind that will recommend you to their friends, the kind that will come back and buy again and again. This part comes after the research phase, and dictates how you set up your operation and marketing.

3. Create and promote. Build exactly what they want, and then get it in front of these people in a way that makes it easy for them to buy it. Using your strategy from step 2, create what you uncovered in step 1, and sell it using promotions and tactics I cover in my book.

Let me walk you through this entire process, so you can transform your woodworking hobby, into a real success, and impressive income.


Make Money Woodworking

The Blueprints To Building a Fun And Successful Woodworking Business From Home!

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Make Money Woodworking

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What Does It Take

To Make A Full-Time Income Selling Wood Crafts Online?

Effective Market Research

You can't control demand. You MUST find exactly what the audience Wants, then provide that for them. I'll show you exactly how to do this.

Great Selling & Promoting

Where do you sell? How do you promote? I'll walk you through the entire process so you can start selling within days of getting started.

A Smooth Operation

Making money means continually selling for a profit. I'll show you how to streamline your operation so you can maintain great profits.

Allow me the opportunity to walk you through this process.

Just imagine what kind of improvements taking action could bring into your life.

I’m not promising you the world. I’m promising that you’ll get a real, honest-to-goodness, complete, laid-out-for-you, step-by-step strategy to finally build the Successful Woodworking Business you deserve – or your money back.

Your Price Today Only $67

Sorry - This product is no longer being sold

For a limited time, this product is being offered as a free bonus for Wood Shop Essentials customers.

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