Hitachi C10FCG Review

Hitachi 10" Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi C10FCG Review Highlights
  • Really low price point
  • Great reviews on build quality
  • Great reviews on cutting quality
  • Super-Lightweight
  • 5-year MFR warranty
  • Only single bevel
For the Professional Contractor 3 out of 5
For the Do-It-Yourselfer & Weekend Warrior 5 out of 5
For the Hobbyist and Beginner Woodworker 5 out of 5
For the Serious Woodworker 3 out of 5
Hitachi C10FCG Mitered
  • 10" blade, 5/8" arbor
  • 110 vac standard plugin
  • 15 amp motor
  • Bevels 0° to 45° to the left
  • MIters 0° to 52° to the left
  • MIters 0° to 52° to the right
  • Saw weight of 24 pounds
  • Blade speed is 5,000 rpm

The Hitachi C10FCG 10″ Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

In this Hitachi C10FCG review, I’ll cover everything from what the saw has, to what it’s missing, and even what users are saying in the online world about it.  This is a 10″ compound miter saw that’s priced pretty low, but don’t let the inexpensive price tag fool you. This machine does NOT lack in quality. It was built to be simple, easy to setup and adjust, and lightweight.

It’s a basic saw that was designed for woodworkers, carpenters, and framers. Reliability and precision was Hitachi’s focus when they created this miter saw. You can make miter cuts, crosscuts, bevel cuts, and compound cuts with ease. The entire saw only weighs 24.2 pounds, making it the lightest compound 10″ miter saw in its class. So with the ease of use and the super-lightweight, you can easily move this saw around the job site and get great use out of it, very handy indeed.

The simple thumb-adjustment lever allows you to quickly set the miter angle at various miter angle stops, from 0 to 52 degrees. With the large work table, coupled with the vice clamping system, you can be sure the workpiece will be secure and safe to cut. The bevel goes to the left and has a range of 0 to 45 degrees. This saw was built with versatility in mind, and so you’ll really appreciate its simplicity and ease of use.

The Hitachi C10FCG compound miter saw comes with the vice hold-down assembly, a dust bag, a blade change wrench, and a 24 tooth saw blade.

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Hitachi C10FCG Review – Why I like it

Hitachi C10FCG BevelDesigned to be moved around with ease

The sturdy build, few moving parts, and light weight make for a saw that contractors are going to love. You’ll be able to pick this saw up with ease and carry it around from room to room. Cutting trim work in multiple areas of a construction site is now easier and quicker with this 24-pound miter saw.

Designed to cut all kinds of wood

With this saw, you can crosscut anything from dimensional lumber for construction projects, to hardwoods for furniture builders and flooring projects, stiles and rails for cabinet makers, trim molding (miter, bevel, and compound cuts) for finishers, plus baseboard and trim for do-it-yourselfers.

Dust collection port

This miter saw has air quality, and your health, in mind. It comes with a port on the back of the blade shroud that you can hook a shop vac to in order to collect the dust flying off the back of the saw blade. This does not catch everything, but it will help reduce the amount of dust being dispersed up in the air, and when it comes to dust collection, every bit helps.

Opinions Based On Real User Experiences

Positive Reviews

  • Very lightweight so it’s really easy to carry to different job sites
  • Half the price of similar saws, but still higher quality
  • Quick, light, and accurate tool, which apparently is even set up and works perfect right out of the box
  • Low cost and small footprint makes this saw ideal for occasional home projects

Negative Reviews

  • Some users have reported a lackluster instruction book
  • Some users had issues with the aluminum body not lasting

Is This Low-Cost Compound Miter Saw Worth

This saw is great for DIYers and hobbyists. It’s not very complicated and has very few moving parts, so there’s less setup and fewer precision adjustments to worry about.

Think of this saw as either perfect for simple home projects when you just need to cut some basic miter joints when doing trim work, installing some hardwood flooring, or maybe cross-cutting some 2x4s, 2x6s, and decking boards when adding on a new deck to your house.

Another great purpose for this miter saw is for beginner woodworkers who need a low-cost starter saw that can handle hardwoods while holding its accuracy well.

Overall I would definitely suggest the Hitachi C10FCG compound miter saw for anyone needing a basic, quick, and easy-to-use saw if you’re on a tight budget, but still want a good quality tool.

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