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Discover how to get the most out of a small work space.

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Exactly what you can do to immediately increase your accuracy and consistency in the shop.

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Find out how you can eliminate the learning curve and complexity of advanced joinery techniques like dovetails and mortise & tenons.

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Free Templates

Get instant access to download Free pdf templates for my combo-push stick and right-angle clamping jigs.

Free Furniture Plans

I’ll email you every time I release free furniture plans. All of them will be high-definition, imperial + metric, printable, and designed to help build your technique and joinery skills.

Woodworkers Resources Page

Immediate Access My “Woodworkers Resources Page” where I’ve cataloged many great websites which offer Free woodworking plans.

This resource page alone is incredibly valuable (if you value time that is). You’ll save hours upon hours looking for project ideas and plans. No more google searches for good resources. No more sifting through tons of sites, most of which end up having low quality, or paid plans. These are all free, and 1 click away.

You'll find all kinds of project plans:

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