Kid's Toy Shelf

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This toy shelf / book case is plywood construction. You’ll need a single sheet of 3/4″ plywood for the project.

Some of the joinery is pocket holes, and for that I would recommend the Kreg pocket hole jig. Read this tutorial if you need help using this jig.

Finish with Polyurethane for a long-lasting finish. Read this tutorial for wipe-on poly, and this tutorial for regular poly.

For making accurate and consistent crosscuts, especially on plywood, you’ll want a good table saw sled. I’ve got a set of shop projects here you may want to check out, it includes a premium sled.


Clicking on the link above will open the pdf in a new tab. You can also right-click the link, then choose ‘save as’ or ‘download’ and then save the pdf to your files.

Take On More Fun Projects With These Shop-Enhancements

To help you take on more advanced techniques & projects, while improving accuracy, without needing all the tools the pros use.

 What Can You Do With These Jigs?
Precision crosscuts * Beautiful dovetail joinery * Duplicate repeating holes * Edge-Jointing on your table saw * Faster drawer knob installation * Simple mortising with a router * Safely cut runners and inlay * 
Clamp up a picture frame in 1 easy step * Cut notches and end-grooves along edge of a board *  Create raised panels on your table saw * And So Much More!

“Adam – Thanks so much for the plans. All of the plans are so detailed from the cut list, many different views and diagrams, and step by step instructions. These plans will allow any woodworker a chance to clearly see their project come to fruition. To me, having a beginner or any woodworker have success is key for that person continuing to pursue woodworking.  Your plans are top notch and for very useful jigs!”

~Kory from Louisiana

“The new sled is complete and I love it!! Used the 45-degree jig and got a perfect picture frame. I added a place to hold my pencils, square and tape measure since I’m always looking for one. Thanks for the great plans!”

~Cody from Illinois

Detailed High-Res Printable Plans & Templates For Each:

“You’re gonna love these projects!
Plus they’ll save you so much time and headache,
you’ll wish you found this page sooner!”

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