Table Saw Push-Shoe / Push-Stick Combo

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This works as your typical push stick, but with the added upper handle and the heel on the bottom, it doubles as a push shoe.

I made it from 1/2″ plywood. I cut the flat parts on the bottom with the table saw, and the rest with my scroll saw. You could also use a jig saw, band saw, or coping saw.

Sand it down to its final shape, an oscilating spindle sander works well for that.

Also you can get a sanding attachment for your drill press which is what I use for final sanding on irregular shapes.

Drill 1/2″ or 3/4″ holes in each handle, and round over the inside of these holes, and the top edges of the push stick with a 1/8″ roundover bit using your router table.

Do not round over the bottom edges, at any part that will be contacting your work piece.

I would recommend making 2 of these, one for you main push stick, the other for using as a manual feather board (side push stick).

Clicking on the link above will open the pdf in a new tab. You can also right-click the link, then choose ‘save as’ or ‘download’ and then save the pdf to your files.

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