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Dowel Centering Tip

Hey guys,

I’ve had some readers request some information from me, including how to easily drill a hole through the center of dowel stock.

Doing this manually is very easy to mess up, so I wanted to find out and share it with my readers so if you ever need holes in your dowels, you can do it with precision.

Short of making a dedicated jig for this, you can use a simple handscrew clamp.

I would recommend you also use a drill press, but in a pinch I think you could make this work with a handheld drill.

Step 1 - The "Bit Guide"

Cut a 1″ piece from the end of the stock you’ll be drilling through, go ahead and mark and drill a hole through its center as shown. It helps to to use a center punch to get your bit lined up right at the center mark.

For this hole, use the same size drill bit you’ll be using to drill sideways through your dowel.

Step 2

With the drill bit going through the 1″ bit guide you just made, clamp that and the dowel stock into your handscrew clamp.

The newly fashioned bit guide will rest right on top of the dowel stock being drilled.

Be sure after clamping that the dowel stock is resting flat on the drill press table.

And there you have it. Easy dowel centering trick for drilling holes.



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