Dewalt Flexvolt Tools – Technology Review

Dewalt Flexvolt tools use a system that allows you to share batteries between tools, even though some of the more powerful tools go beyond the standard 20v max.

Some of Dewalt’s new cordless tools require 60 volts, and still, others require 120 volts.

The Flexvolt battery can be swapped between these various tools, regardless of which of the 3 different voltages each tool requires.

How The Flexvolt Technology Works

When used with a standard 20v max Dewalt power tool, the battery provides just that. The image here shows conceptually how the battery cells work to produce 20 volts of power.

Dewalt Flexvolt Tools

When put into a 60-volt tool, the battery automatically changes so the cells are in series, and the voltages then add together. This creates 60 volts instead of 20. So just like that, you can use the same battery in the more powerful tools, like a circular saw.

Dewalt Flex Volt 60

In the most powerful Dewalt cordless tools, like their 12″ compound miter saw, you can insert 2 of the Flexvolt batteries, and they work in series, producing 120 volts of power.

Available Dewalt Flexvolt Tools

Dewalt will likely continue creating more power tools, as this technology is becoming very popular. Most of the tools they offer you can also get as a kit, which come with a carry-bag, charger, and an extra battery.

Or for example, you can get a drill kit with a bag, charger, impact driver, hammer drill, 1 20v max battery, and 1 Flexvolt battery.

Here’s a list of Dewalt Flexvolt tools you can get today:

  • Tracksaw
  • Chainsaw
  • Leaf blower
  • Weedeater
  • Jobsite Radio
  • Heavy Duty Stud Drill
  • Circular Saw
  • Reciprocating Saw
  • Grinder
  • 12″ Compound Miter Saw
  • 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw
  • Air compressor
  • Table Saw

Some Additional Notes

You can get additional batteries, and they come in either 6.0 amp-hour or 9.0 amp-hour. The 9.0 just means it stores more power, and it will last longer. But the voltages it produces are the same with both sizes.


flexvolt-battery-levelPlus each battery has a charge indicator so you can tell if the charge is good or not. Very handy when determining which batteries to put on chargers, and which batteries are ready for use.

Another cool feature is the compatibility of these batteries.

In addition to the tools that require the Flexvolt batteries, you can also use the Flexvolt batteries to power all of your existing 20v max tools. Plus, the charger for the 20v max batteries also works with the 60v Flexvolt batteries.

This means you don’t have to throw away your old chargers and 20v tools. Instead, as you get the new tools, the batteries they come with will work with your older 20v max models.

On the flip side, you cannot use your old 20v max batteries with the new Dewalt Flexvolt tools, so don’t get that confused.

Are The Flexvolt Tools Practical?

The fact is, you will pay extra for this line of tools. I love the idea of cordless, and many times the hand tools I use are battery powered, even though I’m working in a shop with plugins always within reach. For many tools, cordless is just quicker and easier.

Plus I’m a big Dewalt fan and I own several of their 20v max tools. The power is great. The batteries last a long time and run full power until dead. Dewalt has done a great job figuring this technology out.

However, going beyond drills and circular saws, many of these tools are specifically geared towards situations where power is not normally available. This would be places like construction sites, for tools like the table saw or miter saw.

Or perhaps you do a lot of outside work and prefer the simplicity of battery power over gas engines (think weed-eater and chainsaw). Only you can decide if that extra cost is worth the money.

But I’m here to personally vouch for this technology in certain instances. While I have no need for a battery powered miter saw in my wood shop, I do in fact own the Dewalt 60v weed eater. I’ve got 2 batteries, but all the weed eating I do in my yard uses less than 1 battery. So I just keep one on the charger and swap them when needed.

The tool has lasted me for years and I’ve had zero problems with it. It is slightly noticeable that the power is less than a gas engine weed eater. But for standard use, it performs very well.

What Others Are Saying

Reviews in some places are really good for the Dewalt Flexvolt tools. Dewalt’s done a great job at designing powerful and rugged tools that work as good and in some cases better than their 120v corded counterparts.

Many users are actually surprised at the power and ruggedness of a battery tool.

Plus how long these batteries are actually lasting in real day-to-day jobs really impresses most users.

However, some places you’ll find mixed reviews, like on this electricians forum. I think some people generally dislike Dewalt and probably wouldn’t give a good review even if they liked the tools.

But overall, many reviews are really good, and you can’t deny that the technology is leading the industry in innovation. If you have a need for cordless tools, I would suggest looking into the Dewalt Flexvolt tools for your next purchase.

To see what the prices for these tools are going for, check them out here.

If you’re in the market for a new miter saw from Dewalt, see my reviews here.

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