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To message me directly, please find the contact form at the bottom of this page.

How do I access my purchase?

You can access your purchases in the “Member’s Area”. You can get there from the link above, or from the Welcome email you received after purchasing. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your Spam or Junk folders.

How do I log into the Member’s Area?

To log into the Member’s Area, you’ll use the email address you purchased with. You should use the same email at the initial “Account Creation” page. You received a “Notifications” email after purchase, which gives you a link to your “Thank You” page, and will lead you back to your “Account Creation” page. You should only need to get back to this page if you didn’t initially create your account, or if you accidentally used the wrong email to create your account, which would lead you to a Member’s Area that doesn’t have any products associated with it.

You also received a Welcome email after that, which includes a link to your “Member’s Area” login page. Once your account is created, this login page is all you need to access your “Member’s Area”, and you should bookmark the page in your browser.

What if I purchased using PayPal?

If you purchased with your PayPal account, your login username may not be the same email as your PayPal account. During checkout, you entered your name and email address. This email address is used to create your Member’s Area access, and should be used to log in. Your PayPal email could have been a different email address, which means it should not be used to log in.

How do I view my downloaded .pdf files?

Most computers come with a pdf viewer, in which case clicking on the download button may open it using that pdf viewer. Internet browsers, like Internet Exporer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and others, also support viewing pdf files.

If you want to download a good (and free) pdf viewer, try Adobe Reader. Be sure to uncheck the optional offers prior to downloading. To Download the pdf file to your computer, you may have to open it in your browser then find the “Download” button at the top or bottom.

How do I access files that are downloaded as a .zip file?

This is a zipped file, it combines a collection of other types of files. The zipped file is basically a folder, that needs to be “unzipped” before you can properly extract the files from it.

With most computers, you can right click on the zip file and choose “Extract”, this will give you a selection box for a location to extract your files to.

All recent versions of Windows and Mac OS can unzip files without any additional software.

If you have a phone or a tablet, you may need to find an unzipping application, which should be available for free, and then upload the .zip file to the app.

I don’t remember my password, how do I login to access my purchase history?

Go to the “Member’s Area” login page and click ‘Forgot Password’, then you can enter your email address you used to create your account originally, and you’ll be given directions to complete the new password creation.

I’m not used to working with plywood, can you help me out?

Most of the sleds and jig projects use plywood for construction. For more information on working with plywood, please review the following articles on my blog:

Plywood 101
How To Break Down and Handle Plywood

How do I request a refund?

I do offer a refund within 60 days of the purchase date, if you honestly feel that you did not receive what you paid for. If you would like to be refunded for a purchase, please use the form on the bottom of this page, and explain how the product did not live up to your expectations. I ask this because I will use your suggestions and information to further improve my products going forward. Be sure to provide me your name, and your email address you used when purchasing.

How do I get access to future plans added to Wood Shop Essentials?

All future plans added to Wood Shop Essentials will be accessible from your Member’s Area.

So basically, there’s nothing extra for you to do. I will notify you if I add anything, and then you’ll just log in and access the download.

How do I offer suggestions for future plans for Wood Shop Essentials projects?

If you have any suggestions for development of a jig or sled for a specific technique, cut, or joinery, just send me a message on my support page.

Explain what it is you would like to see, and if the concept or something similar is requested by enough people, I will do what I can to build one and create plans for it.

If you have any other questions not covered here, please submit your question along with your name and the email address you created your account with, in the form below.

Thanks! And have a great day!

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