digital level angle finder review

6 Reasons To Get This Leveling Tool

Do you have a digital magnetic level / angle finder? If so, have you also discovered how incredibly useful it can be, especially for a small-shop woodworker? If you don’t have one, I want to show you why you should jump on Amazon and get one right now. I haven’t had mine for that long, but I can tell you I’ve already found many ways … Read More

Drilling An Accurate Series Of Holes

Here’s a tip for anyone using a drill press to make a series of evenly spaced holes. This is common for say when you’re needing an adjustable shelf and you want to use shelf pins. Or in some applications, this is a practical way to drill holes for dowel joinery. First of all, you’ll need a fence for your drill press, like the one I … Read More

Dowel Centering Tip

Hey guys, I’ve had some readers request some information from me, including how to easily drill a hole through the center of dowel stock. Doing this manually is very easy to mess up, so I wanted to find out and share it with my readers so if you ever need holes in your dowels, you can do it with precision. Short of making a dedicated … Read More

14 Essential Woodworking Hand Tools

Are you a beginner woodworker needing to know exactly what woodworking hand tools you should invest in first? I was in the same boat a few years ago, and over the course of several projects I figured out pretty quickly which tools I really needed, and which ones were a waste of money. So today I want to share with you, in my experience, the … Read More

My 2-Car Garage Woodshop Layout

As you can see in the graphic above, I’ve got a 2-car garage that I’ve turned into my woodshop, while leaving space for my wife to park inside. Even though it was laid out to allow for that parking, she usually parks outside so I’ve got more room for assembly. Not only that, we’ve got 3 kids and they tend to need space for their … Read More

woodworking tools list

My Woodworking Tools List For 2019

My lists: Tools – Jigs – Workbenches – Everything If you need a good idea of what kinds of tools and equipment I use to build my furniture, check out my complete woodworking tools list here. No tool left out. I even lay out the types of workbenches and shop-made jigs I use. As for beginners, FYI, this is not a list of tools you … Read More

How To Install Hardwood Flooring

How to Install Hardwood Flooring

Installing hardwood flooring doesn’t have to be difficult, we’ve provided guidelines to follow that will allow you to be the expert you didn’t have to hire, saving you money and promoting the satisfaction of a home DIY (Do It Yourself) project done right. Learning how to install hardwood flooring requires time and effort but will definitely be worth all that you put into it giving … Read More

Adding Fractions Without The Headache

Math with fractions – the best part of the imperial measurement system! … No, no it’s not. Doing math with fractions requires focus and brain power. Things I’d rather not do because it makes me shift my thinking from whatever else I’m working on. I don’t like changing gears (in my head) just to do some quick math. I’d rather it be a thoughtless, simple … Read More

How To Finish Your Garage

How To Finish Your Garage

The garage really can be a mans best friend, but now that you are getting on, or maybe have downsized your vehicle, you find a garage with space and potential. A new addition to the house, a game room, a man cave or maybe a gym, the possibilities are only as limited as you allow them to be. Keep reading to learn how to finish … Read More

Taper and Jointer Sled

So I’ve designed and built this handy little taper sled, and I made it so you can use it for jointing one edge, or putting nice straight-edge on pretty much anything. This version is much lighter and easier to set up than my last sled, which was not my design. I used it for years, and I wanted to make something less bulky for my … Read More

Improve Accuracy With Cut Matching

I want to explain the theory of ‘cut matching’ to you. This can immediately help you improve your project’s accuracy and squareness in the end. (I’m going to explain in this article, but also see the diagram below to help illustrate) Make all identical length cuts at the same time with the same setup at your saw, using the fence, stop blocks, or your sled … Read More

Clamping Long Boards

Sometimes you need to clamp a long board to a wide board. This sometimes means you aren’t clamping along the edge, so you’re clamps don’t reach acros the entire long board. Here’s what I mean: And clamping at each end is not good enough to apply sufficient pressure at the middle, especially when the long board has a slight bow to it. Here I’ve clamped … Read More

Using Pine Boards For Furniture Projects

This lumber is appealing because it’s cheap and you can find it at any big home and lumber store. However, it’s not designed for use with fine furniture right from the store. It’s moisure content may be over 20 or even 25%. This means it may warp, cup, or twist as it continues to dry. There’s also the possibility of internal tension in the board, … Read More