You’ll get complete plans and instructions for use when you join Wood Shop Essentials. And when you join, you get a lot more…

Wood Shop Essentials

Would you like more details on the plans that are currently included with Wood Shop Essentials:

Premium Table Saw Sled

  • Complete with cutting list and cutting diagram to reduce scrap
  • Plans include 45 degree Miter Attachment
  • Small-Piece Hold-Down Clamp
  • Stop-Block with built-in Ruler System
  • Track System – Create your own attachments and accessories from anything you can dream up!

Table Saw Dovetailing Sled Attachment

  • Fits your new table saw sled.
  • Complete with instructions on how to build, and walks you through using the attachment to create beautiful dovetail joinery, step-by-step.

Picture Frame Clamping Jig

  • Create beautiful mitered picture frames and glue them up in 1 step.

Drill Press Work Station

  • Fits any industry standard drill press, including floor models and bench top models.

Vertical Cut Auxiliary Fence

  • Slides along your table saw fence
  • Supports boards vertically
  • Supports cutting Notches
  • Tenons
  • Edge-grooves
  • Tongues
  • Even Raised Panel Doors

Wood Shaving Jig

  • Clamps to your work bench
  • Uses a planing blade
  • Can be used to fine-tune the width of thin stock
  • Great for initially tuning hardwood runners
  • Great for trimming away excess on inlay strips
  • Can trim away less than 5 thousandths of an inch, a difficult task with a table saw

Work Bench

  • Complete step by step instructions
  • Shopping list, cutting list and cutting diagrams
  • Custom-designed wooden drawer pulls
  • Hardwood drawer slides
  • Replaceable plywood work-top
  • Quick-clamp hanger built in

Drawer Pull and Drawer Knob Alignment Jig

  • Build for less than half of what you’ll pay for this jig from woodworking stores
  • Works with drawer knobs, and all industry-standard drawer pull sizes

Router Mortising Jig

  • Clamps to your work bench
  • Uses your router with a plunge base
  • Easily create repeating mortises in any stock
  • Supports vertically so you can create end-grain mortises for loose-tenon joinery

Thin Rip Push Block

  • Safely make thin-rip cuts, repeatable and quick.
  • No need to adjust fence between each cut like with other jigs
  • Adjustable height to support cutting thin and thick stock
  • Perfect for making runners, thin panels, inlay, and more!

Taper / Jointer / Straight-Edge Sled

  • Great for putting a straight edge on rough-cut stock
  • Great for squaring up small panels, cabinet doors, and drawer faces
  • Make repeatable, identical tapers for furniture legs, or anything else
  • Custom (and removeable) handle, tapering guide, and hold-down clamps
  • Supports thick stock easily

Router Table

  • Fits standard sized routers and trim routers
  • Designed to fit commercially available feather boards
  • Dust collection built in
  • Plenty storage and hanging space on the sides for collets, wrench, push sticks, bits, and more.
  • Large base makes it stable, and easy to clamp to your work bench.
  • Simple design makes it easier to customize, and lightweight so you can store it to the side when you don’t need it.

Moxon Vise

  • Plywood, glue, and pocket screw construction.
  • Quick release design, easily push or pull the sliding jaw to position before tightening.
  • Creates an elevated work surface, great for detail work and dovetailing.
  • Hangs on your wall for easy storage when not in use.
  • Uses regular pipe clamp assemblies, which are much cheaper than specialty woodworking vise hardware.
  • Works fine with 3/4″ or 1/2″ pipes and pipe clamps.
  • Oversized work top behind the vise, includes holes for bench dogs.

Outfeed Table

  • Customize it to fit your table saw
  • Slick surface top for best performance
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Works great as an assembly table for your projects

And Don’t Worry

All the “Jig” hardware, you know, the aluminum tracks, bolts, wing nuts, knobs, plastic, everything you need is ALL on my Materials Resources page, which you’ll also get access to. Here you’ll find links to all the hardware I use to build my jigs, so you don’t have to spend hours online or walking aisles searching for something similar. You can get exactly what I use in the plans.

And I didn’t want to leave you hanging without any ‘Getting Started Help’, so I included:

  • Step by Step Guides (with pictures)
  • How to create beautiful dovetail joinery on the table saw
  • How to make standard (and end-grain) mortises
  • How to make precision repeating mortises
  • How to make matching loose tenons the easy way
  • How to make smooth-acting drawer slides from wood
  • Working with plastic (for jigs) in a shop with wood tools
  • How to do pocket hole joinery using a Kreg jig
  • How to cut rabbets and dados with your table saw & router
  • How to drill repeating holes for shelving pins
  • And more!

“I am delighted with what I see on essentials project plans. So far I have made the crosscut sled which worked out really well, the plans were so easy to follow. I am now working on a modified workbench…”

~John W. from Birmingham, England


“Hi Adam, I bought the package this morning and had a quick look at the table saw sled plans etc. Well to say I’m blown away is an understatement. Well done this stuff is brilliant.”

~Derek J. from Caledon


“Plans were outstanding!!”

~John M. from Spruce Grove, Alberta

…My first thought was that the sled plans alone are worth what I paid for access. I’m not much of a woodworker but I think with WSE I can get a lot better.”

~Jerry S. from New Caney, Texas


“Adam, These plans are great and really easy to follow. I’m very new to woodworking and have just started setting up shop, so having a set of plans to kick-start me in the wonderful world of jigs is a real blessing. And they really are easy to follow: They’re well thought out, clear and comprehensive, leaving absolutely nothing to guesswork….”

~ Peter from United Kingdom

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And here's what else you'll get instant access to when you join Wood Shop Essentials:


  • Discover 3 websites that will save you up to 70% on power tools! (while including return policies)
  • 3 woodworking tools lists for different budgets, with prices and sources included
  • Many additional tool websites listed, great for catching seasonal promotions and sales
  • How to heat and cool your shop
  • How to control humidity
  • How to sound proof your wood shop.
  • How to layout your shop for better productivity and work flow.
  • And More!


  • How to make money selling wood furniture and small wood projects
  • How to do simple market research that uncovers high-volume and popular crafts selling right now
  • Ways to increase your profit margins without sacrificing customers, or quality
  • How to build a loyal following of satisfied, repeat buyers
  • How to continuously attract new buyers to your products
  • Tons more in this 151 page “A to Z” complete guide


  • Master cutting dovetails on your table saw
  • Learn how to make dovetails tight and gorgeous
  • How to build a rabbeted box lid and base
  • Learn my decorative contrasting curve technique
  • Master the poly finish for glass smooth results

20 Up-Close videos with full commentary, covering every step of the process. I’ll walk you through building this box from scratch!


  • Master the basics with your table saw and band saw
  • Get tips on various types of table saw sleds
  • Learn cutting techniques using custom fences, sleds, and jigs
  • Miters, bevels, thin strips, circles, dovetails, veneers, and more!

This is an ever-expanding library of training videos. Topics include safety, basics, WSE sleds, WSE jigs, project techniques, finishing, and shop tips.


  • Expanded version of my free Woodworkers Resources Page
  • Every online source I’ve ever found for woodworkers
  • Links to TONS of free woodworking plans
  • I’ve kept my list organized and relevant
  • If you ever need project ideas or free plans (even just for a starting point) this massive list of online resources will become your best friend!


  • Measurement conversion chart
  • Bolt & Screw size conversion chart
  • Pilot and Clearance hole chart
  • Wood hardness chart
  • Various push stick & push shoe templates
  • Clamping jig templates

What You're Gonna Get...

  • Plans for Advanced Woodworking Jigs & Sleds ($67 Value)
  • Plans for Wood Shop Projects ($56 Value)
  • Step-by-Step Guides On Techniques Used To Build Each Project ($29 Value)
  • Essential Printable Reference Charts and Templates ($20 Value)
  • Access to my Complete Woodworkers Resources Page ($39 Value)
  • Make Money Woodworking Ebook ($67 Value)
  • Setting Up Shop Ebook ($47 Value)
  • Dovetailing Online-Video Training Course ($67 Value)
  • ​Advanced Techniques For Table Saw Sleds ($15 Value)
  • V​ertical Cut Auxiliary Sled Training ($10 Value)
  • ​Advanced - Decorative Curve Inlay Technique ($15 Value)
  • Access To future plans, project tutorials, and training videos
  • Priority email support - ask me anything about your projects and I'll help however I can

Total Value At Least $432

“I have looked through all the Jig Plans in your Wood Shop Essentials. They are all so awesome. The plans are very clear and detailed. Trying to decide which one I should do. It will most likely be the Table Saw Sled.….”

~Patrick L. from Glendora, CA


“…I am very impressed with the PDF plans that are available on your site. I have found this to be money well spent.”

~Jacques L. from Grande Prairie, Alberta


“The new sled is complete and I love it!! Used the 45-degree jig and got a perfect picture frame. I added a place to hold my pencils, square and tape measure since I’m always looking for one. Thanks for the great plans!”

~Cody S. from Chicago IL


“…The plans are really detailed and very clear and they show everything that you need to do in easy to understand steps.

There is a board cutting plan to start the process off and several elevated views so you can see exactly what you need to do from all angles and around 20 pages that covers the whole job [table saw sled] from start to finish.

Adam emailed me a few days after downloading the plans to see if I had any questions and I thought this was excellent aftercare service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company and no doubt will be back for more plans once the sled is finished.

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

~ Glyn from Ipswich, England

“Thanks for the plans. I think it took me 2 pretty solid days and every tool in my arsenal. Now I need a project to use it on. Note the drill press caddy in the background. Love that one, too.”

~Don P. from Fort Myers, Florida


“Adam – Thanks so much for the plans. All of the plans are so detailed from the cut list, many different views and diagrams, and step by step instructions… Your plans are top notch and for very useful jigs!”

~ Cory from Louisiana


“I have looked at part of it and am amazed at the volume of information you have in “Wood Shop Essentials” I have not gotten thru all of it but what I have is very impressive. I will be referring to them for assistance in the future.”

Mary A. from Indianapolis, Indiana


“…The plans great. Some of the best I have seen for detail and explaining things to this noob… I finished the sled and the instructions and drawings were great. Best I have seen. Better than Woodsmith, Wood, Woodworkers Guild of America. Definitely better than Shopnotes…”

~Brad D. from Lenexa, Kansas


“I love the wood plans. Very easy to follow, every thing is in such detail. I am glad to be a member…”

~ Ken F. from Ocean Springs, Mississippi

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