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Drilling An Accurate Series Of Holes

Here’s a tip for anyone using a drill press to make a series of evenly spaced holes.

This is common for say when you’re needing an adjustable shelf and you want to use shelf pins. Or in some applications, this is a practical way to drill holes for dowel joinery.

First of all, you’ll need a fence for your drill press, like the one I designed for the Drill Press Station as part of Wood Shop Essentials. But any fence should work fine.

Step 1

Put masking tape on the edge of the fence, and another piece along the very edge of the work piece. Mark your first hole location in the work piece, and extend the line all the way to the edge.

Then make smaller marks right at the edge along the tape on the work piece, at the increments in which you want to drill your holes.

Step 2

Center your drill bit over the marked hole. Holding the work piece in place, move your fence over so it’s against the work piece.

Now mark a line on the fence masking tape, right in line with the first mark you made on the work piece.

Step 3

Now after you drill the first hole, just slide the work piece along the fence and line up the mark on the fence, with each mark on the work piece.

The distance from the edge will remain the same, and the holes will be spaced the same distance you made your series of marks.

That’s it, I hope at some point this tip can be of some use!



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