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Grow your skills and transform your work space. You don’t need a large shop. You just need the right tools, the right jigs, and the right techniques.

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What's This All About?

The woodworking masters of our time have a few things in common. They have large shops. They have all the tools. They have a lot of time.

But there’s another way. There’s the Small Shop Woodworking way. Projects, Tips, Strategies, Techniques… All geared towards beginner woodworkers who are either limited on space, or tools.

That’s what ThePowerToolWebsite is all about, using the right tools, when you don’t have all the tools. And I’ve got a special offer for you…

I Will Help You Become A Better Woodworker

Are you limited on space? Do you need to work on your small-shop techniques? 

I’ve built all my furniture projects from my small wood shop. I learned a long time ago that even with limited space, with the right approach you can tackle any project, no matter how “advanced” it seems.

I can teach you how to do the same.


Still at the beginner stage of woodworking? I’ve got you covered.

Basic woodworking technique involves learning how to handle your tools, how to make accurate and safe cuts, how to clamp up a project, and more.

Let’s call this Woodworking 101, and I’ve got resources and material just for you.


With the right techniques, you can make projects come together nearly perfect every time.

With the right jigs, you can easily make accurate cuts. Making multiple boards identical becomes a breeze.

With the right tricks, you can improve your measuring and marking skills, which leads to tighter joints and level, square projects.


Complicated joinery does not need to intimidate you.

If your project calls for mortise and tenon joinery, there’s a way to do it that does not require years of experience.

If you like dovetails or box joints, there are jigs you can make yourself to accomplish these joints. 

Joins thousands of other beginner woodworkers. Let me help you build your skills, your accuracy, and finally start building the amazing projects you’ve always wanted to build.

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